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Yuri Afasia Yuri – female hiphop rapper singer song writer Yuri Afasia Yuri

Organizing OndesMarines records project in the UK.

Afasia Yuri has started her work in electronic music since 2015 in London,released a CD album by Musica Dispersa Records, as the name of A.Y, The title is “Bijou de la sirenee“.
sound producer&singer, no belong to any nation,race, category.
Her nature is just her art.
She also has been a part of compilation tapes in some record labels in the UK. (First Terrace Records and more)
her performance is voice body and film mixture experimental contemporary style.

Prefer to use downtempo, sometimes use drone sounds,She loves deep reverbed birds singing in my early career but now she wants to change and try different beat and different things.

making contemporary dance and do audiovisual performance, not only herself but with many visual artists.SHe also makes alternative RandB and pop musics in many dance beat as the name of Aurerfa and more.

“Imagine a multi-media artist who can produce a wide variety of atmospheres and styles in the electronic world. One who has compositions ranging from early Tangerine Dream, Gilli Smyth, ancient tribal, ritualistic meditation, and dance.
Some of her earlier works are more experimental and not so lush but always interesting and innovative. Her visual creations are quasi-celestial psychedelic swirling morphing rainbow blackholes that bend the mind.
The music relaxes you at the same time stimulates you. She uses subjects like the universe, life, nature, eternity, and energy to base both her compositions and her video from.”

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